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Professional DSLR Camera

We want your friends and guests to remember your party, so we take our equipment seriously.  Each Photo Bomb Photo Booth comes equipped with with a high quality DSLR from the Canon Rebel lineup.

Size Matters – We Have 40″

That’s right, we have 40″ to work with!  A giant 40″ multi-touch monitor lets you see, edit, and share your pictures instantly.  With 40″ squinting is not necessary.

Instant Social Media Sharing

With the Photo Bomb Photo Booth, sharing to social media sites is as easy as ever.  Take your picture, choose your social media site, and upload!  Email your pictures or upload them to Facebook or Twitter with just a few taps.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our Photo Bomb Photo Booth kicks the traditional Photo Booth to the curb.  At Photo Bomb we think that more is merrier, so we ditched the enclosed photo booth design to allow more people to jump in the picture. Oh, and photo bombers are encouraged!

With a 40″ Multi-Touch Screen and an Open Air Design, EVERYONE can fit into the picture.  And yes…we support Photo Bombs!

"40" Multi-touch monitor gets people up, talking, and having fun. Everyone in the room can see your pictures and multi-touch display brings the fun of digital props and digital editing right at the touch of your finger tips!"

− Reason #1 to choose a Photo Bomb photo booth

"With the ability to upload your pictures to your favorite social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, your friends and family will get to see your event instantly!"

− Reason #2 to choose a Photo Bomb photo booth

"The open-air design of the Photo Bomb photo booth helps make sure that NO ONE is left out of a picture! Go ahead and fit another person in...we dare you!"

− Reason #3 to choose a Photo Bomb photo booth