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The Photo Bomb Idea That Came To Life

Photo booth’s are a great idea.  They’re a quick and easy way to capture some small, fun moments between a few people.  But why be limited?  We got tired of cramming a few people into a small, enclosed photo booth, and trying to wiggle around without completely squishing each other so we could fit 3 or 4 people in a picture.  Not to mention trying to see the preview on that tiny screen.  Like we said earlier, the photo booth is a great idea, but something had to change.

So we did the only thing we could think of – we ditched the old photo “booth” design.  We took off the curtain, tore down the walls,  and incorporated a giant 40″ display.  Sounds good?  Yep!  But we didn’t stop there…Check the full list of features that each Photo Bomb photo booth offers:

40″ Touch Screen Display

Instant Sharing on Social Media

Open Air Photo Booth

Professional DSLR Camera

High Quality Instant Printouts

Price Packages to Fit Your Event and Budget

Can We Cover Your Event?

The bottom line is…YES!  Whatever the event is, Photo Bomb wants to be your go-to photo booth for capturing the fun and memories for your special occasion.  The list to the right is just a small sample of the events that Photo Bomb can cover in the Baltimore, MD area.

If you’re not sure if a Photo Bomb booth is right for your event (but we’re pretty sure it is), or if you’re event will not be held in the Baltimore metropolitan area, just drop us a line and a Photo Bomb representative will get in touch with  you!

  • Weddings

  • Bridal Showers

  • Birthday Parties

  • Retirement Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Holiday Parties

  • Conventions

  • Vendor Shows

  • Trade Shows

  • Corporate Parties

  • Fundraisers & Charity Events

  • Concerts

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah

  • And any other get together that you can think of!

"The best part about working events is being able to see people smiling and having fun as they take pictures and share with their friends and family on Facebook instantly. Forget those selfies and trying to type on a little phone screen...you have 40" of space to work with!"

− Abe Arceo - Photo Bomb, LLC

"Our #1 priority is our clients. A member of the Photo Bomb staff will be there early to setup all of the equipment, and will stay with the booth during the entire event to ensure that no one is having any issues with our Photo Bomb photo booth."

− Griffin Weikel - Photo Bomb, LLC

"What I love about the open air design of our Photo Bomb photo booths is that you don't have to worry about cramming a group of people into an enclosed photo booth. With our setup, everyone can fit in the picture, even a random photo bomb or two!

− Abe Arceo - Photo Bomb, LLC

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